July 4

Aaron Sokolow quoted on DC Housing Conditions Calendar

The District of Columbia has a new court calendar that allows tenants to sue landlords for allegations of housing code violations. No monetary awards are rendered in these cases. More information can be found on the calendar at the DC Superior Court website.

Aaron Sokolow was quoted in a National Law Journal article about the DC Housing Conditions Calendar. TenantForm-7-4-2011LawJournalArticle_MelWright

December 2

Banks v. Eastern Savings Bank

Today, the Court of Appeals rendered a decision in the case of Matt Banks v. Eastern Savings Bank. The Court of Appeals reversed the trial court and held that while a post-foreclosure tenancy remains valid, the pre-foreclosure lease terms cannot be enforced. The Court also recognized the necessity of strict compliance with notice procedures. The entire decision can be read here.


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