February 20

Washington, DC 2023 Rent Control CPI Published

The Washington, DC 2023 Rent Control CPI calculations have been published. The 2023 rent control percentage will be 8.9%. The 2023 CPI-W will be 6.9% – an increase of 2.7% over the 4.2% CPI for rent control year 2022 (which ends April 30, 2023). The new CPI will apply to standard rent increases that become effective during rent control year 2023. If a rent-controlled unit is occupied by an elderly tenant or a tenant with a disability, the maximum standard rent increase will be 5%. To qualify for this lower rent increase cap, the tenant must have registered his or her elderly or disability status with the Rent Administrator. The 5% limitation is used because the CPI-W (6.9%) and the SS COLA (8.7%) both exceed the 5% maximum annual rent adjustment for elderly tenants and tenants with a disability.

The Rental Housing commission’s official notice can be read here.

November 30

$10 Million DC Rent Grant

Today, DC announced a new $10 million rent grant program. Time is of the essence because applications open on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, close on Friday, December 11, 2020, and will be assessed on a rolling basis. The program will pay 80% of the delinquent rent if the landlord waives the remaining 20% and any unpaid fees. The grants will cover up to $2,000 per month since April 2020. You can read more about the program here in today’s Situational Update, starting on page 6.  Additional information can be found here.  Details on the program are not up on the DC COVID website (https://coronavirus.dc.gov/rent) as of November 30th, and we have not seen an application form, but we have been told to check back tomorrow.

Please contact our office at 202-269-3333 with any questions.

November 4

Washington, DC Landlord COVID-19 Information

The District of Columbia has established a webpage with information for landlords and tenants and new COVID-19 legislation. Importantly, it also identifies multiple rental assistance programs that can help tenants in paying rent. You can find the site here.