Feb 20

Washington, DC 2023 Rent Control CPI Published


The Washington, DC 2023 Rent Control CPI calculations have been published. The 2023 rent control percentage will be 8.9%. The 2023 CPI-W will be 6.9% – an increase of 2.7% over the 4.2% CPI for rent control year 2022 (which ends April 30, 2023). The new CPI will apply to standard rent increases that become effective during rent control year 2023. If a rent-controlled unit is occupied by an elderly tenant or a tenant with a disability, the maximum standard rent increase will be 5%. To qualify for this lower rent increase cap, the tenant must have registered his or her elderly or disability status with the Rent Administrator. The 5% limitation is used because the CPI-W (6.9%) and the SS COLA (8.7%) both exceed the 5% maximum annual rent adjustment for elderly tenants and tenants with a disability.

The Rental Housing commission’s official notice can be read here.