Dec 7

Residential Lease Clarification Amendment Act of 2016

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DC has enacted a new residential Landlord and Tenant Law. The Residential Lease Clarification Amendment Act of 2016 provides helpful insight on a number of relevant topics. Specifically, the law: (1) limits mandatory fees a landlord can charge; (2) defines “ordinary wear and tear” for security deposit purposes; (3) defines what constitutes reasonable notice and purpose for a landlord to access a tenant’s unit; (4) provides a duty for a landlord to mitigate damages after a tenant breaches the lease; (5) specifies timeframes for a tenant to provide notice to vacate and for a landlord to provide notice of a rent increase; (6) explains what consent is needed from a landlord in order for a tenant to sublease; and (7) provides penalties for noncompliance. You can read the new law here. Please contact Battino & Sokolow to discuss these matters in detail to ensure proper compliance.